The First Fellowship

Dec 7, 2023 12:18 PM

Anushree Majumdar

Publication year
December 5, 2023

The First AuthEx Fellowship

Time: March 21-26, 2024

Place: Humanities Building, CUHK

The Digital Narratives Studio is pleased to announce its first Fellowship in Experimental Authorship aka AuthEx.

In its first iteration, AuthEx invites students and faculty from collaborating institutions to prototype provocative roles and functions of digital authors in negotiating the boundaries and possibilities of digital care making. In March 2024, AuthEx will host a fellowship programming where we collectively imagine and materialize the idea of a digital care making as a new function of digital authorship, to examine the boundaries and positionality of digital care in the face of online harms.

Our first fellows are Dr. Martina Leeker from the University of Cologne, Dr. Konstanze Schütze from the Karlsruhe University of Education — together, they are shaping a first-of-its-kind Global Care Lab. They will be joined by Dr. Daisy Dic Sze Tam from the Hong Kong Baptist University, and a week-long, in-person program will begin with participants engaging in collective, iterative, and critical practices of making and thinking of digital care. This will culminate in a ‘gallery of digital care prototypes’ and a ‘lexicon of digital care’, drawing from comparative, interdisciplinary, and multi-stakeholder practices and discourses.