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Tobias Zuser


Tobias Zuser



Originally from Austria, I have been calling Hong Kong my home for over a decade. After several years as event and arts manager in Beijing, I returned to Hong Kong to pursue my master’s degree and PhD. These years of research also opened up a range of other opportunities and I decided to combine my academic path with practical projects. I currently teach in CUHK, HKBU, EdU, covering media studies, cultural studies, digitalization, sports policy, and sports management. In addition, I founded Baat Man Lau Consulting, a one-stop-shop for companies and NGOs, who look for research and insights into policy, digitalization and media production.

Relevant Experience

  • Guest Talk - “Corporate Social Responsibility and Integrity in Sport”. Tzu Chi University, Hualien
  • Host and Producer - “Hong Kong Football Podcast”. Exploring all dimensions of the “beautiful game” in Hong Kong

Recent Activities


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  • Zuser, T. (2011) “How the Cultural Sector Works in China.” In K. Hellkötter and W. Yi, eds. Europe-China Cultural Compass: Orientation for Cultural Cooperation between China and Europe. Munich: Goethe-Institut.


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